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About Us

We are a small business located in Oxford, CT and have been making products for equestrians and their equine partners since 1999.  Our business grew out of a frustration of buying high priced products that didn't last, particularly tailbags.  So, we decided to build a better tailbag, out of better materials.  We searched the industry for the highest quality components:  fabrics, snaps, nylon webbing, velcro, even thread.  We used these to put together the best tailbags possible, and our customers have been thrilled with the results.  Be sure to check out our Beautiful Tails page to see some of the awesome tails we've helped create!

Here are just a few of the comments we've received from satisfied customers:

"After two years, I still have two of your tailbags, but my mare's tail has grown a LOT since I've been using your tailbags so I need a longer one."

"I bought some tail bags from you a couple of years ago!  And now, I need more.  Boy, they "only" lasted two years! (LOL) Honestly, my horse wears one constantly.  I had three, I am now down to one.  I'd say that's getting my money's worth!"

"Best tailbags on ebay or anywhere else!"

"My horses are the best looking in the barn because of you!"

And our favorite...

"I received your package some time ago....and threw it in my horse trailer due to a very hectic few weeks. I finally opened the package yesterday....they are perfect!!

Your dedication to quality workmanship is much appreciated these days. Some items made for horses do not stand up or stand the test of time. Thanks for your time and attention to my order.  You consistently go above and beyond and it shows in your product.

Thanks again...You will hear from me again (when these tubes wear out or when I add more horses to my family!).  Thanks again, Nikki"

Over time, customers started asking us to make other items because they loved our high quality and durability.  So, we added helmet covers, saddle covers, grooming tote covers, hair scrunchies, neck gaiters, and other equestrian accessories to our line.    We also make tailbags in custom lengths, so if you have a mini, pony, Tennessee Walker, or a horse with an awesomely long tail, we can build a tailbag to suit your needs.

During the years that we've been in business, we have had the pleasure of sending our products, particularly our tailbags, to all 50 U.S. states, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  You might say we're a global leader in improving the horse's rear view!

Our customers represent all riding disciplines, including western, hunter jumpers, dressage, eventers, and people who don't compete but enjoy paying a reasonable price for high quality products that last.  

We invite you to explore our site.  If you decide to place an order, you can be assured that the product(s) you receive will be high quality and to your satisfaction.