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Helmet Tuxedos

Helmet TuxedosTM--Affordable Lycra Covers to Dress Up Your Helmet

Our "Helmet Tuxedos" go a long way toward dressing up your schooling helmet.  We offer several color combinations and prints...only limited by your imagination!  Just check out our Fabric choices page, decide on your color(s)/print(s), and we'll take it from there.  We can make something you'll wear proudly on your head!  Why wear a boring old plastic helmet?  Dress it up!  Make it "you". 

blkprpl.jpg (70335 bytes) Lycra 6-panel helmet cover.  Pick your favorite colors and we'll make up a cover that is uniquely "you". When ordering more than one color/print, please be sure to specify which panel(s) should be which colors/prints (Left Front=LF, Right Front=RF, Left Side=LS, Right Side=RS, Left Back=LB, Right Back=RB, Brim).

$15.95 each

Alternating Color/Print (from list above):


Black Velvet Helmet Cover:  Turns your schooling helmet into a show ready helmet.  

$17.95 each